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Process of getting apostille for US passport in Portugal

US birth certificate apostille

A US Passport is an essential document for anyone travelling outside the US. Due to some legalities You need to obtain an apostille on Passport. Apostille on US Passport will  not be done on the Original Passport. Apostille will be done on the photocopy of the US Passport through Notary Attestation.

What is Apostille for us Documents in Portugal ?

Apostille is a process of Verifying any government / Private document issued in the US. If any document has an apostille it means that the document is original, Authentic and given by the rightful authority. Apostille issued for US issued documents will be accepted in all 117 Hague Nations as a genuine document. 

Hague Nations are the list of Nations that have come together to ease out the document verification process and remove fraudulent documents being misused.

4 Easy steps to get US Apostille on the documents

  1. Register on Apostille Portal 
  2. Collect certificates that need US Apostille
  3. Deposit the photocopies / original certificates
  4. Receive Documents with Apostille directly at your doorstep

Why Do You Need a US Passport Apostille?

US passport apostille is Necessary in Many cases in foreign country 

  1. To Prove that you are US Citizen
  2. For GKS Scholarship
  3. Dependent VISA Application in Some countries 

Process of Getting Apostille for US Passport in Portugal

Apostille will not be done directly on the original passport. Apostille will be done for the ID page Photocopy.

Below are the Process by which you can get apostille for Passport in Portugal.

  1. Get a clear colour photocopy of your passport 
  2. Carry a photocopy of the passport to a Notary Public with Original document 
  3. Get the Notary Attestation or True copy attestation  from the Notary Public 

Since Notarised documents come Under State Issued documents, Apostille needs to be done by the Secretary of State ( SOS )

After getting Notary Attestation submit the Notarized document to Secretary of State office for apostille.

SOS department will verify the details and based on Notary Attestation they will issue an apostille for  Photocopy of Passport. 

How Much Time will it take to get Apostille on a US passport?

The duration for obtaining an apostille for US passport in Portugal varies based on the Notary issuing state government. Certain states offer expedited processes, allowing for same-day or 3-4 day apostille services. To know if your document qualifies for an expedited process, reach out to the Apostille experts for guidance.

How much does it cost for Apostille ?

Like time, the cost also depends on the state in which the document is issued. And whether you need expedited service or not. Check here for the cost details for each state.

US Passport Legalization process for non Hague countries

For Non Hague countries you need embassy attestation along with the apostille on the document.

Below are the processes required to get embassy attestation for US Passport

Step 1 – Notary attestation ( for photocopy documents only, original documents no need to go through this Attestation)

Step 2 – Apostille by state ( the state in which the document is issued will provide the state apostille on the document 

Step 3 – Authentication by the USDOS ( US department of state or federal government) also called as federal attestation

Step 4 – Embassy attestation – After all the above attestations are done, the document is submitted to the embassy of the target country and embassy attestation is obtained.

Suggestion – Some countries’ embassies accept direct submission after state apostille( Step 2) .In this case you can skip the Step 3 USDOS Federal authentication this will save valuable time and cost.

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