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Process of Getting Apostille for US Degree Certificate in Denmark

US birth certificate apostille

Apostille on US Degree Certificate in Denmark is essential process if you want to use your US issued degree certificate in Denmark.
Apostille will be done by the state which issued the original Degree certificate.

What is US Apostille?

An Apostille is a process of validating and certifying any  important documents issued within the United States, confirming their authenticity and accuracy. This validation certificate gives significant credibility to the document, making it recognized in 117 countries, collectively known as Hague nations. These countries have mutually agreed that a U.S. Apostille sufficient for document verification.

If you are trying to use US documents in nations outside the Hague network, additional procedures, termed legalization, are mandatory post-Apostille. This process ensures recognition of documents in non-Hague countries as well.

4 Easy steps to get US Apostille on the documents

  1. Register on Apostille Portal 
  2. Collect certificates that need US Apostille
  3. Deposit the photocopies / original certificates
  4. Receive Documents with Apostille directly at your doorstep

Why do you need an Apostille on a US degree certificate / Educational documents in Denmark?

Regardless of whether you’re visiting a Hague nation or a non-Hague nation, securing an Apostille is essential for international travel. This ensures that the document being presented is genuine and issued by the appropriate authority, providing assurance to the receiving country.

An Apostille on a US Degree / Educational certificate is primarily necessary for visa applications in Hague countries. Below are the circumstances requiring an Apostille:

  • Traveling under a Student visa
  • Applying for Work visa ( qualification validation )
  • GKS (South Korea ) Scholarship Application
  • To convert Dependent visa into work visa
  • Any institution such as University  asking for degree / Diploma / and other Educational documents 

Before going into Apostille, it’s important to grasp the concepts of Legalization and Apostille.

Legalization – encompasses the document verification process for both Hague and non-Hague nations. Specifically, for Hague nations, this process is termed Apostille, while for non-Hague countries, it’s referred to as Embassy Attestation. Generally, when mentioning legalization, it typically pertains to Embassy Attestation for non-Hague nations. 

Here is the list of Hague nations that Accept Apostille done documents. No Embassy attestation is required. Learn more about embassy Attestation at the end of the article

Process of Getting Apostille for US degree / Diploma / Transcript / Other educational documents in Denmark

Below are the steps that needs to be done to get the Apostille 

  1. Document Verification by Notary Public 
  2. Notarization for photocopy of Educational documents 
  3. Submission of Notarized copy to Secretary of State ( SOS ) 
  4. Obtaining apostille by the SOS 

Apostille will not be done to the original document of the degree / diploma or any US educational documents. When you submit the documents to us we will do the notarization for the documents.

After the notary is done by the notary public the documents are submitted to Secretary of state along with  the other supporting documents 

There will be a round of background verification of the educational documents you submit, after clearing the background verification then only the documents are moved for apostille process.

The Secretary of State will throughout check the documents, and provide the apostille for the submitted educational documents.

Apostille is a separate certificate attached to the copy of educational documents.

This process is valid if you are submitting documents in any hague Nation, Hower for if you are traveling to any Non- Hague country You need additional steps 

After getting apostille from the state SOS (secretary of state) office below are the steps that needs to be followed 

  1. Submitting the documents to US department of state or federal government ( USDOS ) for apostille 
  2. Submitting the documents to respective embassy to get Embassy attestation 

This is a very long process that might take 2 months to complete.

These all 6 steps combined are called the full legalization process.

Since it takes too much of time there is a workaround to skip the USDOS apostille ( since USDOS takes 1 month of time to attest ) we can skip this step and directly submit the documents to the embassy. 

Only certain embassies accept documents without USDOS
Check with us for the complete details.

How Much Time will it take to get an Apostille on a US Degree / Diploma / Educational Certificate in Denmark?

The time required to obtain an apostille for a US Degree certificate depends on the state government issuing it and whether it’s needed for the original or a photocopy. Some states provide expedited services, which can range from same-day to 3-4 day apostille services. To determine if your document is eligible for expedited processing, consult with apostille experts for assistance.

How much does it cost for Apostille in Denmark?

Like time, the cost also depends on the state in which the document is issued. And whether you need expedited service or not. Check here for the cost details for each state.

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