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Apostille services in Iowa for US issued Documents / Iowa Issued documents

US birth certificate apostille

Apostille service in Iowa is for the Documents which are issued in Iowa state which require apostille from Iowa state Government.

Apostille from state is mandatory for all the documents that are being used in foreign country.
Vital documents such as birth, marriage, death etc belongs to the state hence apostille will be done by the state.

What is Iowa Apostille Attestation?

Iowa Apostille is a process of verification of US documents ensuring they’re genuine, authentic, and accurate. Once a document receives an Apostille, it becomes highly credible and valid in 117 countries forming the Hague nations. These nations collectively decided that if a US document has a U.S. Apostille on a document then this document will be accepted as legal document in all 117 countries.

If your destination lies outside of the Hague Countries, getting an Apostille isn’t enough. There’s an extra step called legalization or embassy attestation for documents to be Done. in non-Hague countries It’s needed to have an added layer of approval for global use. For those curious about this additional process, you can delve deeper into it towards the end of this piece.

4 Easy steps to get US Apostille on the documents

  1. Register on Apostille Portal 
  2. Collect certificates that need US Apostille
  3. Deposit the photocopies / original certificates
  4. Receive Documents with Apostille directly at your doorstep

Why do you need an Apostille on a US document ?

Anyone travelling outside US needs to get Apostille on relevant documents 

The Documents you need to get US apostille depends on the VISA you are travelling under 

For Student Visa, You need apostille for 

  • Degree Certificates issued 
  • Transcript 
  • Medical Certificate 

For Work Visa, You need apostille for 

For dependent VISA, You need Apostille for 

Note – Document that you need apostille varies depending on the country you are travelling check with embassy before going ahead with apostille

What is the process of getting Apostille service in Iowa for US issued Documents ?

The process of apostille Service in Iowa Depends on the document and Target country where these documents are being used ( ex Germany, India, Qatar )

When it comes to types of documents there 2 kinds of documents 

  • Documents that belong to the Iowa State Department
    1. Documents such as Birth certificate, Marriage certificate, Death Certificate issued in Iowa falls under Iowa State Government.
    2. For Iowa State Government issued documents Apostille will be done by the state of Iowa.
    3. Other state documents can also be apostilled in Iowa through a notary authentication process.Please contact experts to guide you throughout the process.
  • Documents that belongs to the Federal Department 
    1. Document such as FBI Background verification certificate falls under Federal Government
    2. For federal issued documents apostille will be done by the federal Government.

Apostille process also depends on Target country, where the document is being used. There are 2 types of countries when it comes to apostille attestation process 

  1. Hague countries
    1. There are 117 Hague countries Check here for list of Hague Countries.
    2. Hague countries Accept Apostille verification to consider any document as legal in their country.
  2. Non Hague Countries
    1. Countries that are outside hague network are non hague countries 
    2. For non Hague Countries after the apostille there needs to be embassy attestation by their respective embassies before they are considered as legal documents in their country.

Apostille for Hague Countries in Iowa

Apostille is verification process for Hague nations, It’s a simpler process compared to legalization or embassy attestation. Now lets understand details of US Apostille 

Iowa State will apostille any state issued documents in 2 ways 

  1. Apostille on Original or certified document 
  2. Photocopy Apostille based on Notary Attestation

Apostille service in Iowa on Original or certified document

Documents such as Birth, Marriage, Death belong to state department hence the apostille will be done by the Iowa State

You have to submit original or certified copy issued by the state for the apostille process. Just photocopies won’t be accepted for apostille.

The State Government will check all the details on the document with the Vitals once they are verified the document will be moved to the state secretariat office for Apostille, Secretariat department will check the details once again, finally apostille will be issued for the original document. Apostille is a separate Certificate that will be attached to the original Document

Photocopy Apostille based on Notary Attestation

If you don’t want to submit the original document or you have a state issued document from a different state other than Iowa then Apostille can be done based on Notary Attestation.

The competent notary authority in Iowa will perform notarization. A Notary Public will conduct copy certification through document custodian certification. Subsequently, based on the notary verification, the photocopy will ultimately undergo apostillation by the State Government.

Note – Most of the Hague nations accept Apostille done on photocopy but some authorities will insist on getting apostille on original document only, so check with the authorities to whom you are submitting apostilled document,  whether they accept the apostille done on photocopies or not.

Federal or USDOS Apostille

For documents like FBI Background Verification and other federally issued documents, apostillation must be carried out by the federal government. The USDOS requires the original documents for issuing an apostille certificate. Photocopies are not accepted for Federal Apostille.

How Much Time will it take to get Apostille service in Iowa for US documents?

The Iowa state department will apostille Iowa issued documents fairly quickly. Iowa offers expedite service meaning if you make more payments they will process the document the same day of the submission. If you have time we wouldn’t recommend Expedite service.
Normally under slow process Apostille Service in Iowa will take 3-4 working days at best. Maximum it should be done under 10 Working days 

US Document Legalization process for Non - Hague Countries in Iowa

For countries outside the Hague Convention, Getting embassy attestation alongside document apostille is Mandatory.

Below are the steps for obtaining embassy attestation for a US Marriage certificate:

Step 1 Notary Attestation:

This step is only for photocopy documents, Apostille for Originals Documents can skip this step.

Step 2 – State Apostille:

Obtain apostille from the state where the document originated.

Step 3 – USDOS Authentication:

Authentication by the US Department of State (USDOS), also known as federal attestation.

Step 4 – Embassy Attestation:

After completing the above steps, submit the document to the embassy of the target country for the final embassy attestation.

Note – In case of the Photocopy attestation Notary public attestation is mandatory for the photocopy some countries accept photocopy for embassy attestation check with the expert for the information.

For Federal documents you don’t need a State Apostille so you can skip step 2 for federal issued documents.

Suggestion – Some countries’ embassies accept direct submission after state apostille( Step 2)  for state issued documents such as US Marriage certificates.in this case you can skip the Step 3 USDOS Federal authentication this will save valuable time and cost.

This complete process of 4 steps is called as full legalization process. This will take 8-12 weeks and the cost verified depending on the document, state attestation, federal attestation and embassy time. Please check with Apostille experts for suggestions.

Apostille is a little complicated process and requires thorough knowledge about the complete process in order to suggest the best route to get apostille quickly.Speak to us or start the application form we will guide you throughout the apostille process.

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