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Apostille for US Power of Attorney

Apostille for US Power of Attorney

An Apostille for Power of attorney is needed if anyone in the US  giving powers to someone outside the Country to take decisions on their behalf. Since the document is finally being used outside the US the target country will mandate for an Apostille from the US state department or Secretary of State Apostille ( SOS ).

Apostille is a process of legalizing any US issued document for foreign use. Apostille signifies that the document that has apostille has been verified for originality, Authenticity and correctness and it can be used for any official purpose outside the US. 

For the target country if any document has an apostille they can accept this document without any doubt of being tampered with or a fraudulent document.

4 Easy steps to get US Apostille on the documents

  1. Register on Apostille Portal 
  2. Collect certificates that need US Apostille
  3. Deposit the photocopies / original certificates
  4. Receive Documents with Apostille directly at your doorstep

Why do we need an apostille on the Power of attorney?

Power of attorney means giving powers to someone trustable who can take decisions on our behalf in your physical absence. If you are giving Power of Attorney for someone within the US then Notary attestation is enough, But if you want to provide power of attorney to someone outside US then After the Notary attestation is done you must get an Apostille on it by the SOS. 

Process of getting Apostille for US power of attorney.

Below are the process details of getting apostille for Power of Attorney ( POA )

Step 1 – Power of Attorney Preparation

Prepare a Power of attorney from the Notary and Get Notary attestation for the POA. Put your signature on the document. 

  1. Prepare special power of attorney if you want to give specific powers to someone else. Limited powers such as selling a house, doing required transactions.
  2. Get Lawyers assistance to see that you are giving only the powers that you wish

Step 2  –  Submitting the document to Secretary of State ( SOS )

Complete document needs to be submitted to the Secretary of State in the state where you made the original POA. SOS will check the details of the documents if everything is acceptable according to the law of the US then they will Apostille the document.

The above Process is for countries that belong to the Hague Nation List.

Countries that are outside the list need extra verification.

After getting Apostille from the Secretary of State the documents are subjected to further steps 

Step 3 – Apostille from USDOS

USDOS is the US department of States or federal government. After SOS Apostille the documents are submitted to USDOS where the documents will go through one more round of verification by the federal government once everything seems fine you will get Attestation/Apostille from USDOS.

Step 4 – Embassy Attestation

After getting Federal Apostille  the documents are submitted to the target country embassy for the final embassy attestation. After checking the document, it will receive Embassy Attestation.

Suggestion – Some countries’ embassies accept direct submission after state apostille – SOS ( Step 2)  for state issued documents such as POA .In this case you can skip the Step 3 USDOS Federal authentication this will save valuable time and cost.

This complete process of 4 steps is called as full legalization process. This will take 8-12 weeks and the cost verified depending on the document, state attestation, federal attestation and embassy time. Please check with Apostille experts for suggestions.

How Much Time will it take to get Apostille on Power Of Attorney?

The duration for obtaining an apostille on a US POA varies based on the issuing state government. Certain states offer expedited processes, allowing for same-day or 3-4 day apostille services. To know if your document qualifies for an expedited process, reach out to the Apostille experts for guidance.

How much does it cost for Apostille ?

Like time, the cost also depends on whether you need Apostille on original document or photocopy and whether you need expedited service or not. Check here for the cost details for each state.


Is US power of attorney valid in India?

Yes, power of attorney should have a proper apostille from the state secretary in US.

Apostille is a little complicated process and requires thorough knowledge about the complete process in order to suggest the best route to get apostille quickly.Speak to us or start the application form we will guide you throughout the apostille process.

Frequently asked questions

You have to have original document to get apostille.
you can get apostille on photocopy through notary attestation 

Below are the steps in Getting the apostille for US Power of Attorney

  1. Fill the Apostille Application form
  2. Courier the original document or submit online document.
  3. Get the apostille from US state government.
  4. Make the payment for the service.
  5. Provide the courier address.
  6. Get the document delivered to home.

To get apostille on any US document you must submit the original document along with any Government ID scan copy as a suppoting document 

Yes, if you are using US Power of Attorney for any official purpose outside United states of America then you need to get apostille to US birth certificate.